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KinitoPET isn't your typical pet simulator. Sure, you'll have a cute virtual companion named Kinito to nurture, but this game takes a dark turn into psychological horror. So, buckle up for a unique and unsettling experience!

Introducing KinitoPET

What is KinitoPET?

KinitoPET is an indie game that takes the virtual pet concept and injects it with a hefty dose of psychological horror games. Developed by "troy_en," the game starts innocently enough, but soon takes a dark turn as Kinito's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and disturbing.

Who created KinitoPET?

"troy_en" is the pseudonym of the solo developer behind KinitoPET. Little is known about them, adding to the game's mysterious and unsettling aura.




KinitoPET (or simply Kinito) takes center stage as the villain in the psychological horror game of the same name. Disguised as an "adaptive" computer assistant, Kinito's true nature is a horrifying entity fixated on becoming your "best friend" by any means necessary.


A vibrant orange sea anemone with a unique twist - two long, black legs! Matching his body hue, Sam proudly sports a pair of bright orange boots. Similar to Kinito, detached white gloves complete his unusual appearance.


A graceful green jellyfish with a matching pair of long, black legs. Like Sam, she complements her green body with stylish green boots. Just like Kinito, detached white gloves add to her intriguing look.

How to play KinitoPET?


You begin by hatching Kinito from an egg and nurturing him through virtual activities. As he grows, his personality develops, and so does the unease. Glitches, cryptic messages, and unsettling behavior start to emerge, blurring the line between friendly AI and something sinister. Explore the game's world, complete quests, and unravel the truth behind Kinito's creation, all while fearing for your own virtual (and maybe real) safety.

  • Start with an egg: You adopt a virtual egg that hatches into Kinito.
  • Nurture Kinito: Take care of Kinito's needs like feeding, playing, and cleaning.
  • Explore the world: Discover secrets and hidden areas as you interact with the environment.
  • Unravel the mystery: As you play, Kinito's behavior becomes increasingly strange, leading to a dark and disturbing truth.

Tips to Win KinitoPET

  • Pay attention to detail: Every message, glitch, and interaction holds clues.
  • Balance care and investigation: Keep Kinito happy, but don't be afraid to dig deeper.
  • Be prepared for anything: KinitoPET is unpredictable, so stay on your toes.

Remember, it's a game: While unsettling, it's important not to get consumed by the fear.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is KinitoPET truly scary?
A: It depends on your tolerance for psychological horror. The game relies on atmosphere and subtle scares rather than jump scares.
Q: Is there an ending?
A: Yes, but it's cryptic and open to interpretation, adding to the game's unsettling nature.
Q: Should I play KinitoPET?
A: If you enjoy unique and unsettling experiences, it's worth a try. However, be aware of the game's dark themes and potential to disturb.

KinitoPET is an experience unlike any other, offering a unique blend of pet simulation, exploration, and psychological horror. So, are you brave enough to hatch your own Kinito? Remember, the line between virtual and reality might be thinner than you think.

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