Escape Mystery Room

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Escape Mystery Room is a thrilling puzzle-solving adventure game where players find themselves trapped in a house reminiscent of Alcatraz. The objective is to escape the place while also carrying out a secretive, stealthy mission to avoid being caught by robots. The goal is to escape the premises while also undertaking an outside mission that requires stealth to avoid detection by robots.


Controls Guide:

General Controls:

  • Mouse: Look around and interact with objects
  • Left Click: Select and interact with objects
  • Right Click: Zoom in or examine items closely
  • Inventory: Click on items in your inventory to use them or combine them


  • WASD Keys or Arrow Keys: Move your character
  • Shift: Run or move faster

Puzzle Solving:

  • Inspecting Objects: Click on objects to examine them for clues or hidden items
  • Combining Items: If you have multiple items, try combining them in your inventory to create new tools or solutions
  • Solving Riddles and Puzzles: Use logic and observation skills to solve the challenges in each room
  • Finding Hidden Objects: Some items might be hidden or require you to interact with the environment in a specific way

Stealthy Gameplay:

  • Avoiding Robots: Watch out for patrolling robots and find ways to sneak past them
  • Silent Movement: Be mindful of your steps, some surfaces might make noise alerting the robots
  • Hiding: Discover hiding spots to avoid being caught

Mission Progression:

  • Room by Room: Escape each room by unlocking doors, finding keys, and solving puzzles
  • Story Advancement: Progress through the game to uncover the mystery behind the mission and the house

How to Play:

  1. Explore Each Room:

    • Use your mouse to look around the room and interact with objects.
    • Click on items of interest to inspect them for clues or hidden items.
  2. Solve Puzzles and Challenges:

    • Work through the puzzles presented in each room.
    • Combine items from your inventory to create tools or solutions.
  3. Avoid Detection:

    • Keep an eye out for patrolling robots.
    • Move quietly and use hiding spots to evade detection.
  4. Find Clues and Keys:

    • Search thoroughly for keys, codes, or any clues that might help you progress.
  5. Progress Through the Story:

    • As you solve puzzles and escape each room, the story unfolds.
    • Discover the secrets of the house and the mission you are on.
  6. Use Your Detective Skills:

    • Think like a detective, be observant, and use logic to overcome challenges.
  7. Complete the Mission:

    • Your goal is to escape the house while also fulfilling your mission objective.
    • Brainstorm, solve puzzles, and outsmart the robots to achieve your freedom.

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