Light in the Dark

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Light in the Dark is an adventure game where the player takes on the role of Qualfy, a character on a quest to free the spirit of light imprisoned by the sorcerer Notruw. The game is set in a world engulfed in darkness, with the last glimmer of light residing within the spirit of the forest. The game is set in dark and eerie landscapes, filled with obstacles and challenges that you must overcome. Here's an overview of the game and how to play:


Controls Guide:

  • Movement:

    • Use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys to move Qualfy in different directions.
  • Interact/Action:

    • Press the Spacebar or Enter key to interact with objects, activate switches, or pick up items.
  • Jump:

    • Use the Spacebar to make Qualfy jump over obstacles or gaps.
  • Attack/Defend:

    • If combat is involved, use the Left Mouse Button or Ctrl key to attack enemies or defend against their attacks.
  • Inventory:

    • Access the inventory or select items using the 1, 2, 3... keys.

How to Play:

  1. Start the Adventure:
    • Begin the game as Qualfy, a brave adventurer on a mission to save the world from darkness.
  2. Navigate the Darkness:
    • Explore the dark and foreboding environments, each filled with traps, puzzles, and dangerous enemies.
  3. Solve Puzzles:
    • Encounter various puzzles and challenges that require wit and strategy to overcome.
  4. Collect Items:
    • Search the surroundings for useful items such as keys, tools, or weapons.
  5. Combat Enemies:
    • If faced with enemies, engage in combat using your weapons or defensive maneuvers.
  6. Watch Out for Traps:
    • Beware of traps that are cleverly hidden throughout the levels. These can be deadly if triggered.
  7. Progress Through Levels:
    • Advance through different levels of increasing difficulty, each bringing new challenges and obstacles.
  8. Free the Spirit of Light:
    • Your ultimate goal is to reach the sorcerer Notruw's lair and free the spirit of light.
  9. Bring Light Back to the World:
    • Once the spirit of light is freed, watch as the darkness recedes and the world is illuminated once more.

Tips for Success:

  • Keep an eye out for hidden passages or secrets that may lead to valuable items.

  • Plan your moves carefully, especially in combat encounters and when faced with traps.

  • Use your inventory wisely, selecting the right tools or weapons for each situation.

  • Stay alert and prepared for surprises as you delve deeper into the dark and mysterious world of Light in the Dark.

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