Thriller House Escape

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Thriller House Escape is a point-and-click escape game developed by 8B Games/Games2Mad. In this game, players find themselves trapped inside a mysterious house filled with puzzles and hidden objects. The objective is to solve the puzzles, find the hidden objects, and ultimately escape from the house. Immerse yourself in the spooky ambiance of the house. The game is designed to create a thrilling experience.


Gameplay Overview:

  • Setting: The game is set in a spooky and mysterious house, creating an atmosphere of thrill and suspense.

  • Puzzles and Hidden Objects: Players must explore different rooms of the house, searching for clues, items, and solving puzzles to progress.

  • Escape: The ultimate goal is to find a way to escape the house by solving all the challenges presented.

Key Features:

  • Point-and-Click Interface: The game is played entirely using point-and-click mechanics. Players interact with the environment by clicking on objects of interest.

  • Puzzle Solving: Expect to encounter various puzzles, such as riddles, codes, and mechanical puzzles, that need to be solved to unlock new areas or find hidden items.

  • Hidden Object Search: Search each room thoroughly to find hidden objects that might be useful for your escape.

  • Atmospheric Setting: The game creates an immersive and eerie atmosphere with its graphics, sound effects, and storyline.

  • Logic and Observation: Players need to use logic, observation skills, and a keen eye to uncover clues and solve puzzles.

Controls Guide:

  • Mouse: The primary control is the mouse cursor.

    • Click on objects in the environment to interact with them.

    • Click on items in your inventory to use or combine them with other objects.

    • Click on doors, drawers, or other openings to open and explore new areas.

    • Some puzzles may require dragging and dropping items or clicking in a specific sequence.

How to Play:

  1. Explore the House: Begin by exploring the various rooms and areas of the house. Click on objects to examine them for clues.

  2. Collect Items: As you explore, collect any items that seem useful. These could be keys, tools, or any object that catches your attention.

  3. Solve Puzzles: Use the items you've collected to solve puzzles and unlock new areas. Puzzles could include finding codes, solving riddles, or manipulating objects.

  4. Search for Hidden Objects: Keep an eye out for hidden objects scattered throughout the house. They might be essential for progressing in the game.

  5. Follow Clues: Pay attention to any notes, writings, or symbols you come across. They often provide hints and clues to solve puzzles.

  6. Use Logic and Creativity: Some puzzles may require you to think creatively or outside the box. Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations.

  7. Escape the House: Your goal is to ultimately find a way to escape the house. This might involve unlocking doors, solving a final puzzle, or discovering a hidden passage.

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